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Ketjap Manis

Ketjap Manis is a thick, dark, rich condiment sauce made in Indonesia.

It is made from black soybeans, though it is also possible to use yellow soybeans. They are allowed to ferment, then mixed with garlic, palm sugar, and star anise.

The taste is mild, not hot.

It is used by almost everyone in Indonesia, regardless of class or religion, though some upper-class people may tend to use imported Japanese soy sauce instead.

Most Ketjap Manis is now produced in Indonesia in factories.

Cooking Tips

It can be used for dipping or as an ingredient in cooking.


Soy sauce and molasses or brown sugar, simmering or zapping in microwave just until all combined.

Storage Hints

Store in a cool, dry place.

Language Notes

"Ketjap" means "soy sauce"; "manis" means "sweet."


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