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KinnowLS Oranges

KinnowLS Oranges are just a bit larger than mandarin oranges, and have a thin, smooth rind.

Inside the fruit has 10 to 11 segments, and is a deep orange colour.

The fruit has very few pips, just two to three.

The fruit can be left on the tree to develop maximum sweetness without its rind degrading.

The tree does well in hot climates.

History Notes

KinnowLS Oranges were developed by plant breeders in the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences at the University of California at Riverside. The development team was headed by Professor Mikeal Roose. The fruit was developed from a mutation of the Kinnow variety of oranges, which usually has 15 to 30 pips in it.

Released commercially in April 2011.

Language Notes

The LS at the end of KinnowLS stands for "low-seeded."


Taking the pips! Scientists develop 'mutant' orange with almost no seeds. London: Daily Mail. 12 April 2011.


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