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Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears
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Kitchen Shears are specially-designed scissors for the kitchen.

They are not shaped like regular scissors; they are shaped like shears.

Some are specially made for poultry and fish, with one of their blades being a serrated one to help cut through flesh such as chicken joints or fish fillets.

Some will have handles covered in rubber. Some have a bottle opener in the handle.

Some models screw apart at the hinge for easier cleaning.

Some are designed for use by both left and right-handed people; some are specially designed just for left-handed people.

Not all kinds will be dishwasher safe.

Cooking Tips

Kitchen Shears can be used for many jobs which would otherwise require hauling out both a knife and a cutting board.

    • snipping herbs in place of mincing them;
    • trimming fins off fish;
    • cutting strips of lettuce (roll up then snip);
    • cutting up bacon;
    • trimming excess fat off meats;
    • trimming fresh artichokes;
    • cutting holes in the tops of pies.


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