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Lamb Kidney

Lamb Kidneys are small, about 2 to 3 oz (60 to 90 g) each, and kidney-bean shaped.

They are dark brown outside, and pink inside. Any fat on the outside will be golden brown.

They have a very mild flavour, and are very lean, and very tender.

Cooking Tips

Allow 3 to 4 per person.

Lamb Kidney is milder than most other kidney; they don't need any soaking first.

You can fry, broil (aka grilling in the UK) or grill (aka BBQ outside the US) them. You can also roast them, or put them on kebabs.

If you get them from a butcher still surrounded by fat, so much the better for roasting them. Trim the fat back to about 3/4 inch (2 cm) thick, then roast for about 25 minutes at 450F / 220C.

Don't overcook or they will get tough.

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Also called:

Rognon d'agneau (French)


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