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Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar is sugar that has been infused with the aroma of lavender.

To make, put sugar in a jar with lavender blossoms, either fresh or dried, then put the lid on the jar, and let sit. The longer it sits, the more flavour it will have. You may find you need to sift the sugar before using -- so you may want to arbitrarily give it a month to infuse, then sift it all at once so that it's ready to go when you need it. When the sugar is used up and just the blossoms remain, you can add more sugar, and keep on doing this until the blossoms have no more aroma to give off.

Per pound of sugar, you'll want to use about 1/4 cup of dried or fresh lavender blossoms (don't use the dried stuff that comes in potpourri, that's not edible as it's been treated with chemicals.)

[make see also to vanilla sugar and vice versa]

Cooking Tips

Use in baked goods, for fruit salads or sprinkling over fresh fruit, etc.

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