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Limerick Ham

Limerick Ham is a cured leg of pork.

It can be cured in a variety of ways: salting, brine immersion or even smothering in honey. It is then smoked over a fire of juniper branches with berries on them.

Limerick Ham is also often used to denote pieces of brined ham -- such as a whole ham or ham steaks -- cooked in a "Limerick Ham" style which picks up on the juniper idea. This involves scoring the ham, rubbing rehydrated juniper berries into the cuts, slathering with a mixture of coarse mustard, gin and brown sugar, and baking.

Cooking Tips

Limerick Ham needs cooking.


Ardennes Dry Ham; Bradenham Ham; Brine-Cured Ham; Butt End Ham; Country Ham; Devilled Ham; Fresh Ham; Gammon; Ground Ham; Guijuelo Ham; Ham Steak; Ham; Irish Ham; Leoncini Roasted Ham; Limerick Ham; Los Pedroches Ham; Pannonia Ham; Spanish Ham; Suffolk Cure; Taylor Pork Roll; Virginia Ham; Wachholder Ham

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Also called:

Limerick-Schinken (German)


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