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Liquorice Day

Liquorice Day

Liquorice Day
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12 April

Liquorice Day is sponsored by the company called "Licorice International" as a way to promote true liquorice (much liquorice made today is actually flavoured with anise, as opposed to liquorice root.)

The day was first held in 2004.

Pick up or order some liquorice today for a friend that you know is a liquorice lover (though not everyone is, so make sure you know first -- some people are the types who leave all the black liquorice-flavoured jelly beans in the bowl.)

Learn about the difference between liquorice and anise, and why "red liquorice" isn't actually liquorice at all.

And for adults, remember, you can celebrate the day with forms of Liquorice that aren't candy: Anissette, Herbsaint, Pastis, Sambuca, etc.

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