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Lisbon Lemon

Lisbon Lemon trees have more thorns than Eureka trees. The trees, which will grow up to 25 feet (8 metres), are somewhat frost hardy.

The lemons are smaller than Eurekas and have thick, smooth skin with barely discernible pits in them. There will be a nipple on the end opposite the end where the stem was.

Lisbon Lemons are very juicy and quite tart, with few or no seeds. Each lemon will have an average of 10 segments in it.

These lemons are very popular with home gardeners in Australia.

History Notes

Lisbon Lemons originated in Portugal. They were introduced into Australia by 1824, and into California by 1849.


Eureka Lemon; Lemon Butter; Lemon Extract; Lemon Juice; Lemon Oil; Lemon Twists; Lemon Zest; Lemons; Lisbon Lemon; Meyer Lemon; Sfusato Lemons

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