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Lorne Sausage

Lorne Sausage

Lorne Sausage
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Lorne Sausage is a Scottish sausage that instead of being pressed into a tubular sausage skin, is pressed into a loaf form with no casing on it.

It can be made of mutton, pork, pork and beef, or beef, along with cereals and spices.

In Scotland, it is sold sliced, about 10 slices per frozen pack, or fresh from butchers and butcher's counters.

In 2009, the Scotland's Craft Butchers association began organizing a bid to protect the name of Lorne sausage with European Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI.) Under the terms of the bid, the sausage would have to be made within Scotland.

Cooking Tips

To use, just cut off slices, like squarish patties. It's raw, so must be cooked. It can be fried, deep-fried, grilled/broiled, baked or barbequed.

It doesn't contain water, so it won't sputter in pans.

Don't overcook, or it will go dry and hard. The cooked slices fit nicely in sandwiches.


Nutritional facts will vary wildly based on the maker of the sausage. Expect the fat, carb and sodium content to be high unless otherwise indicated.


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Also called:

Square Slice Sausage


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