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Lotus Root Flour

Lotus Root Flour is a granular, off-white or slightly greyish starch made from the roots (technically, rhizomes) of lotus water lilies ("Nelumbo nucifera".)

It is expensive.

An instant lotus root starch is also made.

Hangzhou area in Jiangsu province in Eastern China particularly known for its production.


Water chestnut starch, Cornstarch


Gluten-free. Chinese folk medicine ascribes many virtues to it.

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Alginic Acid; Arrowroot; Bisto Instant Gravy Granules; Bisto; Carrageen; Cassava Flour; Clearjel; Filé; Genugel; Guar Gum; Lecithin; Locust Bean Gum; Lotus Root Flour; Malanga Flour; Marshmallow Powder; Panade à la frangipane; Panade; Pectin; Thickeners; Water Chestnut Flour; Wild Mango; Xanthan Gum

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Also called:

Lotus Flour; Lotus Root Powder


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