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Mango Powder

Mango Powder is made from unripened wild green mangos, that even when ripe would be too tart to sell as fruit. These are dried, then ground into powder.

The mango pieces have traditionally been dried in the sun but now more efficient and hygienic means are being tested.

The powder will be light beige or brown with a bitter and tart taste. When it comes as pieces that aren't ground, it's more likely to be called Amchoor - though the powder is often called Amchoor as well.

Mango Powder is also be used to tenderize meat.

Cooking Tips

Mango Powder is used a lot in Indian cooking, especially in Northern Indian cooking to give sourness to dishes. It's also used in Chutneys.

Before using whole pieces, wash them thoroughly, then cook until tender and mash.



Language Notes

Called "Aamb" in Bengali.


Mango Powder; Mangos; Wild Mango

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Also called:

Aamchur; Amchoor; Amchur; Mangifera Indica (Scientific Name); Aamb (Indian)


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