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Maypop Fruit

Maypop Fruit grows on a vine. The pulp inside the fruit is greyish, and sweet. The fruit is ripe for picking when the skin turns from green to yellow and the skin starts to shrivel a bit. The seeds inside are inedible.

The vine will grow 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 metres) long, and particularly likes to grow up trees or along fences. It dies back entirely in winter, but by the following May, it reappears and grow so fast that it appears it has just popped out of the ground (thus the name "May Pop.") It is so aggressive and hardy that some consider it a weed. It can grow from seed or by spreading its roots.

It flowers with five-petalled fragrant blossoms, which bees and butterflies love.

Cooking Tips

Eat the fruit and spit the seeds out, or sieve the pulp for use in dishes.

History Notes

native to North America

Hard Fruit

Apples; Apricots; Avocado; Citrus Fruit; Grape Kiwis; Guava Fruit; Hard Fruit; Kiwis; Mangos; Maypop Fruit; Medlars; Melons; Nectarines; Passion Fruit; Peaches; Pears; Pineapples; Plums; Pomegranates; Quinces; Red Sorrel; Rose Hips; Sapote; Star Fruit; True Service Fruit

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Also called:

Apricot Vine; Purple Passion Flower; Passiflora incarnata (Scientific Name)


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