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In an animal's stomach, Mesentery is the piece of peritomeum that joins part of the small intestine to the back wall of the abdomen, as well as supporting the intestine.

It is sold already opened, cleaned and scalded. This makes it firm and white.

Often used for andouillettes.

Language Notes

Mesentery is named after its resemblance to 17th century small collars that were called mesentery in English; "fraises" in French (thus, the French names.)

See also:


Amourette; Beef Marrow; Calves' Fry; Heart; Kidney; Lamb's Fry; Liver; Marrowbone; Mesentery; Muggety Pie; Offal; Ox Palate; Oxtails; Pluck; Pork Maw; Sweetbreads; Tongue; Tripe

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Also called:

Fraise d'agneau, Fraise de Beouf, Fraise de chevreau, Fraise de veau, Mésentère (French)


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