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Minced Meat

"Minced Meat" can be any type of meat that has been ground up. The usual meat used is beef, pork, veal, lamb, turkey or chicken. If not specified, you may presume beef, but you may also feel free to use what you feel like.

Generally, it means one type, as opposed to a mixture of types, in which case the expression "mixed meat" might be used. "Meat loaf mixes" sold in North American supermarkets are usually 1/2 lean ground beef, 1/4 ground pork, 1/4 ground veal.

Not the same as "mincemeat" (all one word) which historically started off as a meat mixture, but has evolved into a fruit mixture over the centuries.


Remember the general caution with all Minced Meats, that because any bacteria that was on the surface or the worksurface is the butcher's work area is now spread throughout the entire meat, the meat must be cooked thoroughly.

See also:

Minced Meat

Forcemeat; Ground Beef; Ground Chicken; Ground Ham; Ground Lamb; Minced Meat; Mince; Mixed Meat; Veggie Mince

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Also called:

Viande hachée (French); Faschiertes, Hack, Hackbraten (German); Carne picada (Spanish); Carne moida (Portuguese)


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