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Mirepoix au gras


Mirepoix au gras
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Mirepoix au gras is a combination in classical French cooking of uncooked vegetables and meat used as a flavouring component for dishes.

The usual proportion was 1/2 onions, 1/4 celery, 1/4 carrots, along with a small amount of a salty meat, such as a bacon or cured fat.

It was largely meant to be used with meat dishes.

Sometimes it would be added cooked first before adding it to a recipe; other times it would be added raw and cooked along with other ingredients in the recipe.

Cooking Tips

    • Dice fine if using in a recipe that cooks quickly; as a fine dice, they also become part of the sauce and help to make it thicker;
    • Dice medium for stocks;
    • Dice large for soups and stews.

Language Notes

Mirepoix is pronounced "mir pwah"; "gras" is pronounced "grah."

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