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Mitzithra Cheese (Fresh)

Fresh Mitzithra is a Greek cheese made from the whey leftover from making cheeses such as Feta and Kefalotiri. The whey is enriched with whole sheep's milk or whole goat's milk.

It is similar to ricotta in look and feel. Like ricotta, it is soft and creamy, but it is drier than ricotta, giving it more of a cottony feel. It also has more flavour than ricotta.

The cheese is not salted. There is a version of Mitzithra which is salted, because it's meant to be aged.

This one isn't meant to be aged, and is very perishable. It's not really exported from Greece, like the aged version is.

Cooking Tips

Mitzithra Cheese (Fresh) is served with a sweetener such as honey for breakfast. It is good in cooked dishes.


Cottage cheese, ricotta.

Language Notes

Mitzithra may also be transliterated into English as "Mytzithra" with a "y."

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