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Mock Orange Juice

Mock Orange Juice (aka "Carolene") was a recipe used during rationing in World War Two. It produces a liquid whose taste is reminiscent of orange juice.

To make it, you peel and slice swede or turnip somewhat thinly, toss the slices in a few teaspoons of sugar, then let it stand overnight, covered.

By the morning, the sugar will have extracted a clear liquid from the slices of swede. The liquid has a turnip smell, but a slightly orangey taste. The liquid can be used in recipes calling for orange juice.

Mixed with carrot juice, during the War it made for a slightly sweet, slightly tangy, slightly orangey tasting drink.

Here is the process, illustrated briefly, by Ruth Goodman in Episode 8 of "Wartime Farm" (BBC, 2012).

The relevant section starts at 13 minutes, 20 seconds into the video. Embedded link valid as of January 2014.

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