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Mojo Sauces

Mojo Sauces are olive-oil based sauces made in the Canary Islands, part of Spain off the coast of western Africa.

There are several different versions. They can be green, red or orange-coloured.

The basics are olive oil, a good deal of garlic, cumin and either paprika or chili powder, and a tart flavouring such as lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice or vinegar. You start off by making all the ingredients except the olive oil into a paste, then dilute with olive oil to make a sauce to the desired consistency. Some fancier versions in restaurants may include cheese, and / or be almond, pinenut or saffron-flavoured.

Green versions ("mojo verde") usually have fresh coriander and green pepper in them, and are served with fish.

Red versions have red peppers in them.

Whenever the salt-encrusted potatoes called "papas arrugadas" are served, one or two small bowls of mojo will almost always appear as dipping sauces.

Mojo is also served as a dipping sauce for fresh bread at the start of a meal.

Language Notes

Pronounced "mow (as in mow the lawn) - hoe (as in hoe the lawn)." "Mojo picón" or "mojo picante" means a spicy version.

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Also called:

Mojo (Spanish)


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