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Monukka Grapes

Monukka Grapes are also called Black Monukka and sometimes Red Sultanas.

Despite the occasional tiny immature seeds in them, most people classify these as seedless grapes -- garden centres certainly do.

Monukka Grapes are classed as red grapes, though their skin is actually purplish-black.

They have very good flavour, though they are not as sweet as Thompson grapes. They can be eaten fresh or dried for raisins.

History Notes

Developed in Europe.

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Concord Grapes; Fiano Grapes; Grape Juice; Grapeseed Oil; Grapes; Malvasia Grapes; Monukka Grapes; Muscat Grapes; Raisins; Tokay Grapes; Verjuice; Xinomavro Grapes; Zinfandel Grapes

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Also called:

Black Monukka; Red Sultanas


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