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Mushroom Cutters

Mushroom Cutters

Mushroom Cutters
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A Mushroom Cutter is a device used for slicing a mushroom into uniform slices, all at once.

How they work will vary, but most will have tines or blades that the mushroom is forced through in order to do the cutting.

You raise the top handle, exposing the space on top of the blades in the bottom handle.

You put the food on the blades, and close the top handle, which puts a pusher over top the food.

Then then press down on the handles.

They can be also used to slice radishes, kiwi fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and strawberries.

Some advise that you can use egg slicers to slice mushrooms with. You can, if you are absolutely sure of the quality of your egg slicer. It needs to be a very heavy-duty one, with proper blades, rather than just wire for blades, otherwise the wires may just pop out, ruining the egg slicer for anything. That being said, not every mushroom cutter is very heavy duty, either.

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