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Nakiri Hocho Knives

Nakiri Hocho Knives are used in Japan for slicing, dicing and mincing vegetables.

The very thin blade (2mm) is usually made of Dasmascus steel, and therefore black. It will be sharpened on both sides. The handles are made of wood.

Tokyo style Nakiri Hocho Knives have a blunt nose, Osaka-style have a rounded nose.

Though the Tokyo-style one looks somewhat like a cleaver, it shouldn't be used as a cleaver

The blade is long enough to cut through vegetables with a single motion.

Japanese Knives

Bunka Bocho Knives; Deba Bocho Knives; Fugu Hiki Knives; Furutsu Naifu Knives; Gyoto Knives; Japanese Knives; Kazari Bocho Knives; Nakiri Hocho Knives; Oroshi Knives; Petty Knives; Santoku; Soba Kiri Cleavers; Unagisaki Hocho Knives; Usuba Bocho Knives; Yasai Bocho Knives

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Also called:

Nagiri Gemüsemesser (German); Nakiri Hocho (Japanese)


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