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Nut Oils

Nut Oils are oils that are pressed from nuts. They have a low smoke point, so they are generally not something you'd pour into a skillet to fry up onions in. And even if that didn't deter you, the price and taste would. They are generally too expensive, and too strong-tasting, to use in any other way other than sparingly as a "finishing oil" to add taste to dishes which have finished or almost finished cooking.

Most Nut Oils come in expensive little bottles, but don't worry: a little goes a long way, and too much would just go bad on you, anyway, before you had a chance to use it.

Cooking Tips

Good as an "accent" oil in salad dressings.

Storage Hints

Nut Oils generally come in dark bottles or in tins to keep the light off them. They are generally not shelf-stable once their bottles have been opened, with the exception of Macadamia Oil. All other Nut Oils should be refrigerated because they go rancid easily and quickly.

See also:

Nut Oils

Acorn Oil; Almond Oil; Apricot Oil; Hazelnut Oil; Macadamia Oil; Nut Oils; Peanut Oil; Pistachio Oil; Walnut Oil

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Also called:

Huile de noix (French); Nussöl (German); Aceite de nuez (Spanish)


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