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Oil Olives

A generic term used to group varieties of olives that are grown primarily for pressing into oil.

These olives are now mechanically harvested, unlike table olives, which are still harvested by hand.

Oil Olives

Aglandau Olives; Al Koura Olives; Arbosana Olives; Bella di Cerignola Olives; Biancolilla Olives; Bosana Olives; Bouteillan Olives; Canino Olives; Carboncella Olives; Carolea Olives; Casaliva Olives; Cerasuola Olives; Cicereo Olives; Coratina Olives; Cornicabra Olives; Correggiolo Olives; Dritta di Moscufo Olives; Dritta Francavillese Olives; Elitses Olives; Empeltre Olives; Frangivento Olives; Frantoio Olives; Gordal Olives; Grignano Olives; Hojiblanca Olives; Koroneiki Olives; Leccino Olives; Lechin Olives; Lesvos Olives; Maurino Lucchese Olives; Moraiolo Olives; Nabali Olives; Nostrana Olives; Ogliarola Barese Olives; Ogliarola Leccese; Ogliarola Messinese Olives; Oil Olives; Olivastra Saggianese Olives; Ortice Olives; Ottobratica Olives; Passalunara Olives; Peranzana Olives; Picholine Olives; Picual Olives; Rogianella Olives; Rosciola di Rotello Olives; Salonenque Olives; Sargano Olives; Sinopolese Olives; Sourani Olives; Souri Olives; Taggiasca Olives; Thrubolea Olives; Verdale Olives; Verdial Olives

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Also called:

Olive à huile (French)


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