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Olive Pitter

Olive and cherry pitters are the same tool.

You put a cherry or an olive in the pitter. One side of the pitter has a small cup with a large hole in it. The other side has a punch in it. You press down and the punch passes through the olive or cherry and presses the pit out through the hole.

Cooking Tips

This might seem like just another gadget to clutter your drawers, but if you've ever been forced to buy the North American pseudo black olives in tins in order to save time pitting olives to make Tapenade, you will immediately see its usefulness.

An Olive Pitter is also the only way to pit olives at home without chopping or mangling them.

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Also called:

Cherry Pitter; Cherry Stoner; Dénoyauteuse (French); Snocciolive (Italian)


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