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Open-Faced is a term usually used to refer to some kind of sandwich, be it based on bread, bagel, croissant, or tortilla.

If it's a sandwich, just one piece of bread is used. The sandwich fillings are put on that, and in the absence of a top piece of bread, the fillings become instead a topping, as it were.

With Open-Faced sandwiches, the presentation of the content of the sandwich becomes more important because it is plainly visible. Often chopped herbs or other greenery are used as a garnish.

Open-Faced sandwiches can be served hot or cold.

Canapés are teeny open-faced sandwiches in a way.

Sometimes hamburgers served with just a bottom bun are called "Open-Faced."

Open-Faced pies in England are called open-plate tarts.

Language Notes

The Danish call their Open-faced Sandwiches "Smørrebrød."

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Also called:

Belagte brötchen (German); Bocadillos, Emparedado (Spanish)


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