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Orange Flower Water

Orange Flower Water is a flavouring made from blossoms from bitter-orange trees.

It actually has more fragrance than flavour; what taste there is is slightly bitter.

To make it, orange blossoms are distilled. The result of the distillation then separates into two liquids: one, an oil called "neroli", and the other, called "Orange Flower Water."

Orange Flower Water is used in baked goods, beverages, desserts, fruit salads, and sweets. It is particularly used a great deal in Middle-Eastern recipes.

Orange Flower Water is very hard to find, unless you order it from a catalogue or online. It is sold at some liquor stores in the States.

It is not expensive in ethnic stores, if one near you carries it.

The bottle size will vary, usually around 5 oz (150 ml) or 10 oz (300ml.)


Orange extract (smaller quantity), rose water, vanilla extract

Storage Hints

Store in refrigerator indefinitely.

See also:


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Also called:

Orange Blossom Water; Zhaar; Eau de fleur d'oranger (French)


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