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Orange Liqueurs

Orange Liqueurs are used a great deal in making mixed drinks.

The category includes liqueurs made from mandarins (or "tangerines"), which technically aren't exactly the same thing as oranges.

They are made from the skins of oranges, either by chopping the skins up and letting them soak in the alcohol, then straining them out, or by creating an essence of the orange skin oil and then adding that to the alcohol. Usually skins of bitter oranges are used, but some such as Cointreau also add some skins from sweet oranges.

Some Orange Liqueurs are very sweet, some are drier. Different brands have different proof strengths.


Frozen orange juice concentrate; orange juice which you have simmered to evaporate some of the water away to concentrate the flavour.

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Orange Liqueurs

Aurum Orange Liqueur; Bauchant; Citrónge; Clément Créole Shrubb; Cointreau; Coutou; Curaçao; Gran Torres; Grande Mathilde XO; Mandarine Impériale; Mandarine Napoléon; Maracujana; Orange Liqueurs; Sabra Liqueur; Triple Sec; Van Der Hum Cream Liqueur

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