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Palmin is a vegetable-based cooking fat that can be used similar to lard or shortening.

It is the same as the vegetable-based cooking fat called Copha, except there are two varieties of Palmin: one comes in a tub, which is almost spreadable, and the other comes in a block like Copha.

The blocks come in 250g (1/2 pound) portions.

Palmin is available in many European delicatessens in North America.


Coconut butter or 2 parts shortening or lard, with 1 part creamed coconut.

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Bacon Drippings; Barding; Caul; Chicken Fat; Copha; Dripping; Fat Separators; Fat; Ghee; Goose Fat; Lardons; Lard; Oil; Palmin; Pork Fatback; Puff Pastry Fat; Salt Pork; Saturated Fat; Schmaltz; Shortening; Skimming; Streak of Lean; Unsaturated Fat

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