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Parsley Sauce

Parsley Sauce

Parsley Sauce
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A parsley sauce is a white sauce to which some fresh, finely chopped parsley has been added for colour and flavour.

It's a very old sauce in terms of English cooking. English cookery had many green sauces up until the end of the Middle Ages. Parsley sauce, along with mint sauce, may perhaps be the sole survivors still left in English kitchens.

It's very good with fish and poached foods.

Cooking Tips

See cooking tips for white sauce.


Same as for white sauce: the nutritional levels depend on what kind of milk you use and whether you are making a thin, medium or thick sauce.

Generally, parsley sauce / white sauce is somewhat fattening, unless you use a package mix which home ingredients can't compete with in that regard.

Parsley sauce mix

Parsley sauce mix
© Randal Oulton

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Also called:

Béchamelle (French); Bechamelsauce (German); Salsa besciamella (Italian); Bechamel (Spanish); Bechamel (Portuguese)


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