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Pastry Flour

Pastry Flour is typically made from soft "winter" wheats. You can get white or whole wheat, bleached or unbleached.

In terms of protein content, which is what causes gluten develop to develop in doughs, Pastry Flour is between cake flour and all-purpose flour with a protein content of 9.2 % protein.

Some prefer it not only for pastry, but also for "quick breads" such as soda biscuits, muffins and pancakes.


All-purpose or plain flour. To approach Pastry Flour more precisely, two parts all-purpose or plain flour to one-part cake flour.

See also:

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All-Purpose Flour; Baker's Flour; Bread Flour; Bromated Flour; Cake Flour; Chapati Flour; Durum Flour; Farina; Farine de Froment; Gluten Flour; Graham Flour; Instant Flour; Matzo Meal; Pastry Flour; Plain Flour; Self-Rising Cake Flour; Self-Rising Flour; Semolina; Sooji; Sprouted Wheat Flour; Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Flour; Wheat Flour; Whole Durum Flour; Whole Wheat Flour

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