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Pié d'angloys

Pié d'angloys is a French washed-rind cheese that is somewhat like a Brie.

It has a white crust, ivory coloured inside, and is soft and spreadable. It has a mild, creamy taste that is almost buttery in flavour.

The cheese is made from cow's milk. As it ages, the rind is washed with wine, and the cheese ripens from the outside in. The rind is edible.

Pié d'angloys is made in 7 oz (200 g) sizes, and packed in individual round cardboard boxes with cardboard lids. It continues to ripen in the box.

One brand of Pié d'angloys has been made since 1992 by Fromagerie Paul Renard in Flogny-la-Chapelle on the northern section of the Burgundy canal in the Yonne district of Burgundy. There appear to be at least two other brands, one by "Maison Boursault", and another, Carlsbourg, is made in Belgium.


60% butterfat.

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