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Plum Pudding Day

12 February

Hmmm... it's barely been six weeks since Christmas? Who on earth wants Plum Pudding again so soon?

Maybe the day is for those who didn't get any at Christmas, so they don't have to wait the rest of the year for their next chance. After all, if you're in America, chances are you didn't get it at all for Christmas, and that you may never have had it in your life, even.

Fans might point out, though, that it's only in the past 200 years or so that Plum Pudding got relegated to Christmas only.

Some say Plum Pudding Day is 23 December -- that makes more sense in a way, a day to make and cook them and have them in the fridge ready to finish steaming on Christmas Day (though most people make them up to three months in advance, to give them time to mature.)

But what exactly is Plum Pudding? And where exactly are the plums in it? CooksInfo.com has the skinny; see the links below.

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