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Pontefract Liquorice Festival

Pontefract Liquorice Festival

Pontefract Liquorice Festival
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9 July

Pontefract Liquorice Festival is held each year in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.

The festival celebrates liquorice because Pontefract, the home of Pomfret Cakes, has long been associated with the production of liquorice.

The first day, Saturday, is called "Heritage Day" or "Castle Day"; the second day, Sunday, is called "Liquorice Day."

There is entertainment, music, crafts, exhibitions, puppets, street parade, and of course, liquorice candy for sampling and sale.

Though the festival always falls in July, the exact date will vary and is determined by organizers, the Pontefract Liquorice Trust.

Madam Pomfrey in the Harry Potter children's books is named after Pomfret Cakes.

Liquorice ice cream sundae

Liquorice ice cream sundae
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