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Pork Butterfly Chops

Pork Butterfly Chops

Pork Butterfly Chops
© Denzil Green

Pork Butterfly Chops are thin, boneless cuts of meat from the centre (eye) of the loin of a pig.

A Butterfly Chop is made starting with a very thick boneless pork chop. Sometimes it is made from a bone-in loin chop, but then the bone is usually removed during the process. This chop is sliced horizontally through the middle almost all the way from one side to the other, being careful to leave a hinge at the other side, then folding it open like a butterfly.

Pork Butterfly Chops are quite expensive, but make a great plate centrepiece for a fancy meal.

Cooking Tips

Cook by frying, grilling (aka barbequing in the UK), broiling (aka grilling in the UK), or baking.