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Pork Loin Roast

Pork Loin Roast Rib Half Boneless

Pork Loin Roast Rib Half Boneless
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A Pork Loin Roast is a roast cut from the loin area of the pig. It may be sold bone-in, or boneless.

A typical weight is 1 to 2 kg (2 to 4 pounds.)

Sometimes there will be fat on one side; sometimes not. It just depends on how the butcher trimmed it.

Not the same as pork tenderloin roast.

Cooking Tips

Cook by roasting. You may wish to brine it, or apply a rub, before cooking.

A typical quick rub would be a mixture of garlic powder, salt, pepper and dried rosemary (ground, not the dried hard leaves) with a tablespoon or so of flour.

Heat the oven to 180 C / 350 F / Gas mark 4 to 5.

For medium well-done, cook the roast 20 minutes per 500 g (pound).

For well-done, cook the roast 25 minutes per 500 g (pound).

You may require another 10 to 15 minutes on top of the total cooking time, depending on the size of the roast.

If there is fat on one side, cook that side up, so that melting fat will render into the meat and help to moisten it.

Cook to 60 to 65 C (140 to 150 F), then remove from oven and let stand covered with a piece of tin foil for 10 to 15 minutes.

Don't over cook a pork loin roast. It doesn't have enough fat or cartilage to stand up to prolonged cooking. A pork loin roast will go from moist to dry in the blink of an eye, if you're not watching it. That is why many people feel it's best to remove it slightly underdone and let the residual heat push it over the line into finished.

Do not braise, stew or use a slow cooker as the meat may become dry and tough.

Pork Loin

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