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Pork Side Ribs

Pork Side Ribs are less meaty and less expensive than back ribs.

The cut doesn't include the upper rib area (e.g. the parts of the rib that are up in the back of the pig), but rather the sides and down into the belly. They have the skirt meat and leaf lard trimmed off them.

When cut for Chinese Sweet and Sour style ribs, they are cut into strips 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide.

They have a good amount of fat, so they can practically baste themselves. They are an ideal candidate for rubs instead of sauces, if you wish.

Pork Side Ribs, Centre Cut

Pork side ribs that have had the breast bone and rib cartilage completely removed

Pork Side Ribs, Breast Bone Removed (St. Louis Style Pork Side Ribs)

Pork side ribs that have had the breast bone only removed. The brisket and flank portion are trimmed off as well. Most often, side ribs are sold this way,

Cooking Tips

There will be 1 to 2 servings per pound.

Braise or simmer covered, then finish with sauce on BBQ.

Pork Ribs

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