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A Pot is a vessel that you put stuff in, for the purpose of storage, or cooking.

The role of a cooking pot is to contain food over heat, and deliver heat from the outside heat source -- burner or oven -- to the food inside.

Pots are sometimes used for serving from as well, as in mustard pots, jam pots and teapots.

A Pot can also be a trap for seafood, such as a lobster pot.

Pots are usually round, usually deep, though lobster pots are generally rectangular. Pots often have a lid.

Pots can be made of glass (for storage or cooking, as in pyrex pots or coffee pots), metal or pottery. Stove top pots are usually made of metal, with lids, and will be deep and round.

There are also lots of non-food uses of pots, such as flower pots, chamber pots, chimney pots, paint pots, etc.

To pot food is to preserve it.

In North America, generally only the cooking sense of the word "Pot" is mostly used as far as the kitchen goes. In the United Kingdom, the additional storage sense of the word is used as well as the cooking sense.

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