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Pots de Crème Day

Pots de Crème Day

Pots de Crème Day
© Jamie Anne / flickr.com / 2011/ CC BY-ND 2.0

27 August

Good heavens, is that that time of year again already? The 27th of August, National Pots de Crème Day, has crept up on us once more!

If time has flown so fast that the day has caught you off guard again, you could perhaps at least give a nod to the day with a small individual serving cup of flavoured yoghurt grabbed on the run.

Or, at least you can learn a bit more about Pots de Crème today.

CooksInfo.com has the skinny, plus some good related information.

Pot de crème with a biscuit

Chocolate pot de crème with a biscuit
© Jessica Spengler / flickr.com / 2010 / CC BY 2.0

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