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Pretzel Day

Pretzel Day

Pretzel Day
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26 April

26th April is celebrated by some as Pretzel Day.

Pretzel Day started in 1983, announced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Robert Walker from Pennsylvania.

It was re-declared as such by US Congressman Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives on Thursday, 26 April 2001. In addressing the house, he repeated a lot of the marketing myths about pretzels, but he was right about Lancaster and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania being centres of pretzel production in America [1].

What's your favourite pretzel? Soft ones or the hard, crunchy ones? Or aren't you a pretzel fan at all? Rather have a good bagel any day? In any event, you can read about pretzels right here on CooksInfo.com, to be able to recognize and debunk the myths that Congressman Pitts got foiled by.

There was also a bit of a movement in the UK around 2004 / 2005 to make the last Friday in April Pretzel Day. It was sponsored there by the Union Snack Limited company, the makers of Penn State Pretzels. It's not clear why they plumped for a date that would have been different from the Americans, when they choose a clearly American name for their product.


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