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Quiche Pans

Round Quiche Pan

Round Quiche Pan
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Quiche Pans are for making quiches or tarts (as in large pies) in.

The size ranges from 4 inches (10 cm) to 12 inches (30 cm) wide. Smaller ones are called "tartlet pans."

Unlike pie pans, Quiche Pans have straight edges as opposed to sloping ones. The straight side allows more crust and filling, and gives a professional look. The edges of the sides are often fluted, to make a fluted-edge crust.

They can be made of ceramic, metal or silicone. The metal can be tinned steel, black enamel-covered iron or non-stick. Tinned steel, often mistaken for stainless steel, are the most common metal ones. These are not dishwasher safe.

Rectangular Quiche Pan

Rectangular Quiche Pan

They can be either solid one piece ones, or two pieces ones with removable bottoms. One piece ones are usually ceramic; one of the classic ones is the one-piece, white ceramic one. It can be harder to get the first slice out of one piece ones, but some feel they get better crusts from baking in ceramic, and that ceramic bakes up to 5 minutes faster.

Two-piece Quiche Pans are usually metal. They always have ridged edges, because the ridged-edge causes the pastry to loosen more easily. They can be round or rectangular. When your quiche or tart has finished cooking in a two piece one, you remove it from the oven, then wearing an oven mitt press the bottom up. Then place it bottom and all on a flat heat-safe surface for cooling or serving.

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Also called:

Tart Pans; Moules à Quiche (French)


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