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Rainier Cherry Day

Rainier Cherries

Rainier Cherries
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11 July

The 11th of July is Rainier Cherry Day.

It's celebrated as the end of the Rainier Cherry season nears.

If you can get ahold of any where you live, you may wish to try them, if you haven't yet. Owing to the yellow colour of these cherries, some people aren't sure at first blush if they're cherries at all or miniature plums -- but the small fruit is incredibly sweet and is consequently becoming very popular in Japan, where people will pay up to $1.00 US (2006 prices) per cherry for them.

With any luck, where you live you won't have to pay quite that much.

The day was first celebrated in 2005.

Today is also the birthday of Antonio Vivaldi. If it's been ages since you've listened to the "The Four Seasons" because it was so overplayed in the 1980s, it may deserve a second listen.

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