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Raspberries and Cream Day

Raspberries, Cream and Bubbly

Raspberries, Cream and Bubbly
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7 August

In this day and age, thanks to exports and cargo jets criss-crossing the globe, it's possible to get raspberries at any time of year. But around this time in the northern hemisphere, raspberry season is at its peak.

You can celebrate the peak of summer with a bowl of berries and cream. And why not do it right, with a bit of sparkling bubbly on the side.

Even if at this time of year you can't find any local raspberries, cheat when the foodies aren't looking and buy some imported ones. The taste is often just as good as local ones, though your local agricultural boards would go into histrionics at the mere thought.

In the southern hemisphere the raspberry season is nowhere near even starting. You could still make a sweetened purée from frozen raspberries (the more canny amongst us are already thinking, no doubt, that we can just use raspberry jam instead -- the kids won't know the difference) and fold that into a whipped cream or custard concoction.

Raspberries with whipped cream

Raspberries with whipped cream
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