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Mid-Winter Treats

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    This banana bread is so tropical, you'll almost be tempted to serve it with a paper umbrella sticking out of each slice. It is a fair bit more work than the standard 6 ingredient North American banana bread, but it may be close to the best-tasting banana bread that will come out of your kitchen.
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    Hot Water Crust Pastry is used to make raised pies. It makes a stiff yet tender pastry that can stand up by itself and form a shell or casing that can be cooked without the support of a pan or tin.
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    Migas can be served for any kind of meal. Excellent with flour tortillas, sour cream, salsa, black beans, etc.
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    This will be a moist, tender and succulent roast with a warm brown crust on it. You can serve it as part of a meal, and / or use leftovers for sandwiches, casseroles, etc.
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"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon."

-- Doug Larson (American columnist)

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    Andalusia Day, ("Día de Andalucía") is a modern holiday celebrated in the Andalusia region on the southern coast of Spain each year on the 28th of February. Many things that are seen as being Spanish -- such as flamenco dancing, bullfighting, and gazpacho -- are actually from Andalusia.

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