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Cinco de Mayo

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    These are delicious, incredibly flavourful burritos. They are also incredibly healthy - one of these burritos with our suggested toppings is only 3 Weight Watchers PointsPlus®.
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    This version of Caesar Salad Dressing, which hails from the 1940s, is now considered one of the better versions. It's easy to make -- just assemble it all in a blender, and whiz.
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    Lovely with bacon. Try these for a summer breakfast, or for an American southwestern themed lunch or light supper with a side salad.
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    This is one of those free-flowing recipes; for your convenience, a few arbitrary measurements are attached, but really it's up to how much you want to make and your tastes. Besides being easy to make, this salsa makes a wonderful change from tomato salsa which is served everywhere these days.
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"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

-- George Bernard Shaw (English playwright. 26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950)

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  • food day iconBread Pudding Recipe Exchange Day (Today)
    This is it, the big day. All across America right now, people are visiting, phoning and emailing friends and neighbours to exchange their bread pudding recipes.
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    May Day celebrations were a big holiday during the Middle Ages. May Poles, the trunks of very tall trees, would be painted.

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