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Red Rezan Garlic

The skin of Red Rezan Garlic bulbs has purple blushes.

Inside, there will be 6 to 8 cloves that have strong flavour without any sharpness or excessive heat.

The garlic belongs to the Porcelain sub-group of hardneck garlics.

History Notes

Some sources say Red Rezan Garlic originated in Russia, south of Moscow.

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Porcelain Garlic

Armenian Porcelain Garlic; Dan's Russian Porcelain Garlic; Fish Lake 3 Porcelain Garlic; Georgian Crystal Porcelain Garlic; Georgian Fire Porcelain Garlic; German White Porcelain Garlic; Korean Red Porcelain Garlic; Leningrad Porcelain Garlic; Music Porcelain Garlic; Northern Quebec Porcelain Garlic; Porcelain Garlic; Red Rezan Garlic; Romanian Red Porcelain Garlic; Rosewood Porcelain Garlic; Russian Giant Porcelain Garlic; Susan Delafield Porcelain Garlic; Weingarten Garlic; Wild Buff Porcelain Garlic; Yampolskij Garlic; Yugoslavian Porcelain Garlic; Zemo Porcelain Garlic


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