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Red River Cereal

Red River Cereal

Red River Cereal
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Red River Cereal is a Canadian mix of dried grains for making a porridge-like cooked cereal.

It is sold in distinct red boxes and comes in Original, Ready to Serve and Ready to Serve flavoured (both Maple and Brown Sugar) versions. The Ready to Serve kind of Red River Cereal can be prepared in the microwave, or by pouring boiling water on them and letting them sit.

The ingredients in the original mix are cracked wheat, cracked rye, and flax (cracked and whole.) (Ingredient list valid as of January 2010.)

Red River Cereal is served hot and, like porridge, you put milk and sugar on it.

It has a somewhat gritty texture when cooked up. Detractors say it feels like sand in your mouth. Wags say it looks like birdseed, and tastes like it. It also often emerges from the cooking process lumpy and stiff.

Red River Cereal is particularly popular in Western Canada, but is sold in most grocery stores throughout Canada. That being said, many Canadians don't know about it. It has been available from time to time at some places in the States, such as Iowa.

Red River Cereal is actually now (2006) made in central Canada (specifically, Toronto) by Robin Hood Multifoods Company.

Red River Cereal

Red River Cereal
© Denzil Green

Similar mixtures in bulk stores are sometimes labelled as "Tri-Grain Mix."

Cooking Tips

Simmer original mix Red River Cereal in water on the stove for about 10 minutes.


1 cup steel cut oats, 1 cup bulghur wheat, 4 tablespoons flax seed. Boil in 2 1/2 cups of water with salt.

History Notes

Red River Cereal is named after the Red River Valley of Manitoba, Canada. It was invented in 1924 (disregard stories about it being eaten on the pioneer trail) in Manitoba.

It had its heyday in the mid 1900s.

Red River Cereal was reformulated after the advent of microwave ovens to provide better results for microwave preparation.

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