Copyright and Reprint Information asks everyone to respect our copyright on the material on the site, both written and graphic.

The material you see represents literally thousands upon thousands of hours of work. We take ownership of our Intellectual Property very seriously and theft of it just as seriously. If you find our content somewhere before we do, please report it to us.IP rights are worth protecting

Generally, we view links to as sufficient material to provide your readers. We do not change our links; you need not worry about "link rot" if you link to us.

No permission is required to link to us. Blanket permission is granted to link to, or cite links to, any page on . If you are a publisher whose guidelines requires this in writing directly to you, email us and we can email you the permission.

I'd like to link ingredients in my recipes to the appropriate item pages on
"In my list of ingredients, say, 'potatoes', I'd like to link the word 'potatoes' to your entry on potatoes. Can I do that?"

Absolutely. Believe it or not, that is what was actually born for -- to be a linking resource to provide people background information about ingredients.

Reproducing Text / Images from

To reproduce any of the text or any of images on, the following conditions apply to you [note the separate conditions that apply to images]:

For-Profit / Commercial Use / Not-for-profit use / Blog Use
If you wish to reproduce any amount at all of material from in a for-profit publication, or on a commercial web site, you must obtain our permission. Please note that currently we do not generally grant permission. You may contact us at:

Personal Printing
Printing out a copy of a page for your own personal use at home is of course, fine. When you go to include it in a newsletter, bulletin, any kind of publication, then permission is required.

Most of the photos on the site have been licenced from Denzil Green, who retains full copyright ownership over them. To reproduce them in any fashion, whether on a commercial site or even on a personal site, even if linking to them for display on another site, you require his express permission. Write to him at: .

Violation of Re-use Terms
Content TheftSometimes some people will say that "copyright" is debatable. Any topic under the sun is debatable, but no amount of debating is going to change the cold, hard facts of what the law says.

Under terms of international copyright treaties and laws, all original work is deemed to have copyright in it inherently. Copyright is an innate trait; not something that is stamped on. Presence of the © Copyright symbol is merely a courtesy reminder. All material present on is copyright; none of it is public domain.

There may be those who do not respect our Intellectual Property. Consequently, uses automated agents which regularly query search engines for unauthorized use of our material, whether written or graphic.

We will pursue legal re-course against those who violate our copyright. If the violation is an electronic one on the Internet, we will also formally request your Online Service Provider, under provisions of the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (DMCA 512, aka the DMCA Takedown Provisions, 1998), to take action against your violation on our behalf.

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