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Rice Vinegar

White Rice Vinegar

White Rice Vinegar
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Rice Vinegar (aka Rice Wine Vinegar) is a vinegar made from either fermented rice or from rice wine.

There are three different kinds: red, white and black.
  • Red rice vinegar is used as a dip for foods. It has a sweet and sour taste;
  • Black rice vinegar, aka "Jinjiang", is used in stir-fries and dressings. It has a salty taste. See separate entry;
  • The white is used in sweet and sour dishes; it has a mild taste.

Chinese Rice Vinegars are, in general, stronger than Japanese.

One type of Japanese rice vinegar is made by blending rice vinegar with sake.

There is another kind that is flavoured; see separate entry on Seasoned Rice Vinegar.

Cooking Tips

Considering using white rice vinegar not just in Asian cooking -- it's also good in salads where you want a mild white vinegar.
White Rice Vinegar

White Rice Vinegar
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Any vinegar that you deem appropriate for the dish you are making, bearing the mind the guidelines above about the white being milder, etc.


The red and black versions can be quite high in sodium. The white is usually sodium-free.

History Notes

The Chinese have used rice vinegar for over 5,000 years.

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Also called:

Rice Vinegar; Vinaigre de riz (French); Su, Zu (Japanese)


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