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Root Beer Float Day

Root Beer Float Day

Root Beer Float
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6 August

A Root Beer Float is a classic North American summer drink.

It's a big, thick frosty mug of Root Beer with a big, creamy head of suds on it and ice cream in it.

Today, why not got a bunch of friends together and let everyone debate their favourite brand of Root Beer; then do a blind root beer tasting.

Before you do, though, read up on the history and makings of Root Beer here on CooksInfo.com, then quiz your friends on it.

Oakland A's hold a fundraising Root Beer Float Day on a Wednesday in July or early in August, while playing baseball.

In some years, A&W Restaurants in North America offer free A&W Root Beer Floats on 20 June.

A few people plump for this day being held on 19 August.

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