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Saint-Loup Goat Cheese

Saint-Loup Cheese

Saint-Loup Cheese
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Saint-Loup is a camembert style cheese made from pasteurized goat's milk.

It is made in Saint-Loup-sur-Thouet, in the Poitou-Charentes region of France, by the dairy collective called "Groupement Des Laiteries Cooperatives Charentes-Poitou (GLAC.)"

It is sold in small wheels, weighing 175 g (6.3 oz), that are packed in a round, white cardboard box.

The cheese is very creamy, with a slight tang to the taste. The edible crust is slightly chewy.

Not the same as a Saint-Loup Camembert cheese being made in Normandy from goat's milk.

Saint-Loup Box

Saint-Loup Box
© Denzil Green

Cooking Tips

Serve at room temperature.


45% fat


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