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Salsa Roja Recipe

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A classic, fresh Mexican chile sauce.

Estimated Prep Time: 15 minutes

Estimated Cooking Time: 10 minutes



Toast chiles and garlic in a frying pan, turning every minute or so, until you can "smell" the flavour from the chiles. Set aside to cool until the chiles can be comfortably handled.

Once cool, remove stems and seeds from chiles. Chop coarsely, place in bowl just big enough to hold them and pour boiling water over them, let soak for at 30 minutes (more is fine.)

By now, the garlic should be cool enough to peel. Peel it, and toss into a blender, along with the chiles and a few tablespoons of water. Whiz until blended and relatively smooth, adjust taste with salt.

Recipe notes

Instead of Ancho chiles, you could use Anaheim, New Mexico or Pasilla.

Instead of Serrano, you could use another medium-hot chile.

When blended, the sauce should be a little bit course. It is meant to be a sauce, though, and not a paste, so if you need to add more water in blender, do so.

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